Why Danny Ainge won’t do a damn thing at the Trade Deadline

By Michael ONeill

  NBA fans countrywide have simply been losing their minds since the All-Star break, all due to Vlade Divac’s impulsiveness to pull the trigger on a one sided Demarcus Cousins trade. History repeats itself I suppose.

  I’m still hoping that Boogie Cousins sticks to his word and leaves New Orleans at the end of the season. But that is a tough sell considering he believes he and his new partner Anthony Davis “could wreak havoc on the NBA” over the next 30 games. The Pelicans could very well push for the 8 seed and end up being a potential matchup problem for the Warriors in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs.

   This trade is easily the worst in the NBA since Danny “Ocean” Ainge pulled off his major heist of receiving 3 First Round Draft Picks, and the rights to swap picks in 2017 for aging Hall of Famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, while throwing in Jason Terry and D.J White for good measure.

   So what exactly is my point here? It’s that Danny Ainge is looking to screw a desperate GM over in an unfair trade. Sorry Danny, we’re not getting a superstar without giving up Marcus Smart or Jae Crowder. If Avery Bradley were healthy you might be able to deal him for Chicago Bulls Star Jimmy Butler. Crowder has been in a lot of the talks, particularly with Chicago, and I quite frankly don’t blame Ainge for not giving up a great defender such as Crowder, as well as one of our next two picks.

    To me, this years 2017 pick is extremely valuable, especially since a lot of people want to complain about how we need a legitimate shooter on the Celtics. There are a lot of talented guards in this draft so it would make sense for us to keep it. I would consider our 2018 pick to be more expendable than a potential first overall pick. Once the pick is a definite first overall it will have much more value to it, which is huge leverage for Ainge come draft time.

    At this moment the big names the Celtics are pursuing are Paul George, Jimmy Butler, and Andre Drummond. These are three huge names no dispute, but do we need to jump on one of them now? Yes they will look great in green, but it’s not the time to pull the trigger. Celtics fans want a star now because we have pursued Demarcus Cousins for a very long time.  

   Bottom line is that the Celtics don’t need to blow up their roster for a ring less superstar. If we move for Drummond, then Cousins is completely out of the picture in the offseason. In my opinion, we need a rebounder and a physical presence more than we need another stretch guard. Paul George would fit the system best but Larry Bird is not going to give him up without at the least face value.

    Sorry to give out sour milk, but the Celtics do not have a player on their roster with the same value as George. Our picks will be involved, and we will lose a one of our serious young talents. Run with the squad you have Danny, I know its what your guts telling you.

Danny Paycut

Why keeping Danny Amendola is crucial to the success of the New England Patriots. The biggest news that has come out of the Patriots off-season was that the first thing they wanted to do was to bring down the cap hit on Danny Amendola, which is currently sitting at 7.8 million (makes 6.73 in total) for next season which is a 5 million dollar increase from last year when the cap hit was 2.8 million. They put it out to the press and wanted it known they wanted him to take less money and publically Danny has said all the right things, talking about how he is willing to take the cut in order to stay in New England. Now a lot of people would say there is a log jam at receiver in New England and those people don’t know football. The Patriots have a fully loaded receiving core with Julian (Edelman) and Chris (Hogan) being the top two targets along with Malcolm Mitchell breaking out in his rookie season. Danny (Amendola) is likely the 5th or 6th target for Tom (Brady) the thing is that it doesn’t matter what target you are as long as you make the plays and that is exactly why DA is indispensable. Danny (Amendola) is known as a big game player he always shows up when the lights are shining brightest. He had 8 catches in the super bowl come back and is featured in one of the most Iconic Plays in the second half of this dynasty with the “Edelman to Amendola” Double Pass against the Ravens in the 2015 Playoffs. He has stepped up whenever (Julian) Edelman can’t be on the field  and plays very well in that role as “the first look reciever” We also can’t forget how great he is at fielding punts on Special Teams something that is undervalued from a fans perspective. Hopefully Danny does end up resigning here because as a Patriot he is in this window right now where they can be back at the super bowl next season barring any significant injuries.


Meet Jarrius Robertson

For those of you that live under a rock, this weekend in New Orleans is NBA All-Star Weekend. There are many things I could ramble on about—such as the Westbrook and Durant relationship— but I am one who likes to look at the bigger picture. By bigger picture, I mean something that is more important than basketball and this weekend as a whole. Personally, I love heartwarming stories within sports, like Sportscenter’s  program My Wish. If you like these kinds of stories like I do, then let me introduce you to Jarrius Robertson who is stealing the spotlight from the players at the NBA All-Star Weekend

Jarrius Robertson is a 14 year old who is battling a rare life-threatening liver disease called “biliary atresia.” In his short life, Jarrius has already gone through multiple surgeries, including a liver transplant when he was only a year old. On top of that, Jarrius has gone through lung complications caused by pneumonia he caught when he was younger. This, as well as other health complications, forced doctors at the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans to induce Jarrius into a coma. According to his website ittakeslivestosavelives.com , Jarrius was in a medically induced coma for almost a year. Jarrius’s parents hated to see him live in such agony. Eventually, Jarrius’s parents signed the papers to pull the plug on his respirator, which was keeping him alive. Jarrius’s chances of living were slim to none. However, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Jarrius and his spirit to live pulled through in the end when he started to breathe on his own.

Today, Jarrius lives each and every day to the fullest; one of his favorite ways to do so is through sports. Originally, Jarrius found stardom by being the New Orleans Saints Superfan. In fact, Jarrius had signed a contract to become an honorary Saint. With the NBA All-Star Game being held in New Orleans, it was only right to include Jarrius in the festivities. Not many people are given this same opportunity, but no one will seize it like Jarrius has so far.

Yesterday, the NBA All-Star weekend kicked off with a media day with most of the players attending the festivities, including Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and many others. Thanks to ESPN / Sportscenter, Jarrius was able to attend and interview players during media day. Take a look at some of the moments:

After media day had finished, Jarrius was invited to the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. If you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, Jarrius steals the show wherever he goes. During the fourth quarter of the game, he was called on as a substitute. Just watch what happens next:

Goosebumps, smiles, chills, tears… you name it and I got it from watching Jarrius last night. It was just truly amazing to see this happen. If it were up to me (or America), Jarrius would have been MVP for the entire NBA All-Star Weekend. Jarrius’s relentless uplifting spirit and his carpe diem attitude are truly inspiring and it just proves that sports are more than just a game.


If you want to see more videos like the ones shown, check out Jarrius’s twitter handle @Jarrius

If you would like to hear more about Jarrius and his life story, check out his website ittakeslivestosavelives.com

If you would like to donate to help Jarrius and his family with medical expenses, check out his GoFundMe page https://www.gofundme.com/jarrius-robertson-2uzfdhgk


Michael Bolten’s Big Sexy Vday Special is out on Netflix…and it is hysterical

I won’t ruin anything for anyone, but if you have seen any of my snap chats in the last hour, you’ve seen about all there is to see (you’re welcome). Michael Bolton, king of valentines day, and more recent funny dude, is back from the SNL clips that had me dying in 4th grade. Bolton stars in his own holiday special here where he is tasked to save Christmas by making sure there are enough new born babies for all the extra toys that santa made by accident. Not kidding. So he hosts a telethon filled with “celebrities” and comedians and its just hysterical. He gives you a taste of Captain Jack Sparrow, gold digger, and a few other songs before going full Boltron and becoming “Peak 90’s Bolton” and saving the day with “When A Man Loves A Woman”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 10.33.05 PM.png


Go watch this movie, you won’t regret it. If you do, you can shove it because this was great comedy.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 10.36.38 PM.png


The Full Episode Of SoundFX SB51 Might Be Better Than The Game (MUST WATCH: VIDEO)


The greatest comeback in the history of sports. m not going to write you some long post about the history of sports, or how Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick are the Greatest player and coach in the history of Sports; ill do that at a later date since you all know that already. I will tell you to go ahead and watch he Greatest franchise in sports history complete the greatest comeback in sports history from the eyes of the players. This is fantastic. Go, watch, bask in the greatness that is the New England Patriots.

PS: Mohammed Sanu made his twitter private after this aired last night so that he wouldn’t have to deal with being absolutely crucified by Patriots Nation.


The Bruins Blow, and they’ll Be Irrelevant Very Soon.


So by now you have all heard of the firing of C Julez which was the most cowardly move I have seen in a while in the sports world. I have been saying they should fire him for years, but it should have happened “years” ago. The rebuilding process was screwed up from the start because Neely and Sweeney have not the slightest clue how to build a team. I hope the top draft pics they used don’t get totally wasted, it would be a shame, and a lot longer before the bruins are decent again. sweeney_don_bruins-470x264

On top of the Bruins not really having a great reason for firing Julien, they decide to announce the firing during the Super Bowl Parade so that the media wouldn’t be able to question the decision. This situation is bananas. The guys who should have been fired fired a guy who should have been fired 3 years ago. I like Julien, great coach, but he isn’t getting anything out of the players anymore. It doesn’t help his situation that the guys who fired him have not been able to put a solid team on any sheet of ice, over two different countries, for years now.

Whatever, Im done talking about it. The Bruins frustrate me to the point that I don’t even watch the games anymore, and we have season tickets. Give me the Red Sox and Patriots any day to watch over the Bruins. I would watch the Patriots play the Browns for all 60 minutes of game time over watch the Bruins play the Penguins for half a game. Its really not entertaining to see a bad team out there representing your fan base. Now, with the Celtics making a run, the Bruins will be quick to become comparably irrelevant in a place where hockey is a religion.



Is This Tom Brady commercial, Filmed In September, The Biggest Power Move Ever? (MUST WATCH)

Is it crazy to say that this is the biggest power move in history? I don’t think so. The guy was losing by 25 points, and came back to win Super Bowl 51. He was 25 points and 1 half of a football game away from having to remember filming this scene, and probably never stop remembering it. Who knows, maybe that moment when brady was sitting there, head down, on the bench was actually him remembering this timing day and being like “I can’t believe I filmed that commercial. I can’t believe I let shields talk me into… Wait… maybe i can just do Tom Brady things….”. Boom, he goes out and puts up 31 unanswered points. Facts only, Tom won the game to avoid seeing this commercial replayed in his mind every single night. And you gotta love the dig at Goodell in there.Just awesome. I don’t care how nice they play it on TV, they hate each other, and its nice to see that swipe at Goody 6 months ahead of time.